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Remembrance Day

Alternative Remembrance Day

Let's make Remembrance Day about Peace!

"Remembrance Day is losing its meaning. The solemn day was intended to help us remember the sacrifices of soldiers killed in wars and work toward a future of peace."

"But the pro-war lobby are using Remembrance Day to build support for war and massive military spending at the expense of vital social programs and environmental protection."

"Remembrance Day does not have to be about war." - R.C. 

This Remembrance Day wear a White Poppy for Peace

Bring your songs, poems and thoughts of peace and experiences of war

Alternative Remembrance Day



The Spanish Civil War Memorial

Menzies @ Belleville St

Next to the Parliament


The war on Iran is coming

In the 1979 Iranian revolution, the West, not wanting a nationalist revolution with Socialist tendencies deliver the ex-colony to the Socialist camp, helped the the Ayatollahs to hijack the revolution.

The Ayatollahs decimated the nationalist and the Socialist opposition and consolidated their hold on power during the war with Iraq. They owe their regime to the war, for if there were no war, the Ayatollahs would not be in power today.

The regime of the Ayatollahs have failed, and they have failed miserably. They have failed economically, politically, socially, and culturally. They have even failed environmentally. They have destroyed the country: record unemployment, highest inflation rates in the world, highest per-capita addiction rate, 25% depression and mental illness, tsunami of cancer, high suicide and incarceration rate, high execution rate, highest rate of child executions in the world, abject poverty such that people walking on one of the largest oil and gas reservoirs in the world have resorted to selling their kidneys. It is the only country in the world where selling kidneys is legal. Having impoverished the nation, the Ayatollahs are now exporting prostitutes. They also, unilaterally, lifted the visa requirement for China, Iraq, and Oman, and have turned the country into a sex-tourism destination. Yes, the High Priests are now profiting off the avails of prostitution, praying on the most vulnerable.

In such dire circumstances, the only thing that could save the regime of the Ayatollahs is another war. The Ayatollahs want war. And the looming war with Iran is going to be ugly. It is going to be a regional war with Iran and its proxies in the Middle East. Should the regime proxies in Syria and Lebanon attack Israel with missiles, or should a missile hit an American military base in the Arab Persian Golf countries killing American soldiers en mass, that would be grounds for nuclear bombing of Iran. Justification? Same as in Hiroshima bombing, "saving lives".

I am a draft dodger, a socialist, and a pacifist. With the looming war on Iran, should Canada decides to "stand shoulder to shoulder with its allies and fulfill its NATO obligations", as Prime Minster Stephen Harper has said, my tax Dollars could go towards bombing my mom and sisters!

When the war starts, the logistics of the war is so huge and the machinery of war has so much momentum that there is no stopping it. The biggest demonstrations in the history, the opposition to the war on Iraq, could not stop it. Tomorrow is too late. We must prevent the war today. Join us at the Alternative Remembrance Day ceremonies and wear your White Puppy for peace.

A Canadian Perspective

I am forever grateful to Prime Minister Jean Chretien for keeping Canada out of the Iraq war. What a legacy! If Stephen Harper was in power then, we would have been implicated in the Iraq war.

When Stephen Harper was first running for office one of the biggest donors to his electoral campaign was the Defense Industry. The military industrial complex helped in getting Harper elected.

Once in office, Harper returned the favour; he appointed a Defense-Industry lobbyist as the Minister of Defense. That is why Canada no longer is a Peace Keeping nation. To quote Harper himself, we are now "a warrior nation".

Today, after the fall of the Berlin Wall, after the fall of Communism, and after the end of the Cold War, we are spending more on military than we were at the height of the Cold War. Why? Simple. The more Harper spends on military, the more the Defense Industry makes money, and the more they contribute to Harper's campaign to get re-elected. This is a racket. And in this game Harper does not mind wasting our tax dollars and the lives of our soldiers.

When Harper was spending your tax Dollars on twelve long years of war in Afghanistan, the B.C. Liberals, local Conservatives, tripled the tuition fees, dismantled the rent control, and increased the cost of living. With increased tuition fees, rent, and groceries, female UVic students now have to find "sugar daddies" online to support their education. To save money, the B.C. Liberals also privatized cleaning, laundry, and food services in hospitals. We now have dirty hospitals infested with Nora virus. The food for Victoria hospitals are now cooked in Alberta, frozen, shipped here, microwaved and served to the patients. You would get sick eating that food. But the government saves money so that we have more money for the war in Afghanistan.

After Harper had increased it so many folds, Justin Trudeau's Liberals increased the military budget by 72%. The Liberals learned from the Harper Conservatives and the American Republicans that the more the Defense Industry makes money, and the more they contribute to politicians' campaign to get re-elected.

I have three suggestions for you:

- we need to change our electoral system to a Proportional Representation one where elections can no longer "be bought"

- and, before implicating Canada in a new war, ask the politicians how much they spent on the war on Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya and what did they achieve?

- and, wear your White Puppy for peace proudly!

It is not all doom and gloom. After the Remembrance Day ceremony, we will go for a fine buffet lunch and then will dance and make merry to the tunes of the 16-peace Commodores big band. Join us! If you are a pretty girl, bring your dance shoes and save me a dance ;-)

10:30-11:30 Alternative Remembrance Day

11:30-13:00 | East Indian Buffet Lunch | $15 | Royal Spice Restaurant | 815 Cloverdale Ave | Cloverdale @ Blanchard | North on Douglas St > Right on  Cloverdale Ave

13:30-16:00 | Commodores Big Band | Swing / Latin/ Ballroom / Dixieland | Langford Legion | 761 Station Avenue | Douglas St North > HWy 1 Trans-Canada > Langford > Millstream Rd/Veterans Memorial Pkwy Exit > Veterans Memorial Pkwy > Turn Right Onto Station Ave

We shall carpool and give you a ride


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